Monday, December 17, 2012

Love, light and a banana smoothie

Photo by me.
Yesterday I went to the Yoga House - my new favourite place in Bombay.
I haven't done any yoga there yet but the food is great.
The menu is full of affirmations so I had I am toning along with my banana smoothie.
And when I asked them about how the sin-free chocolate mousse is sin-free, they casually told me it's just a fancy name given to regular chocolate mousse. I found their honesty quite funny.
Or maybe once you eat it, it just washes away your sins.
That sounds possible right?

I don't know why but you just come out of there feeling like the world is a better place.
Does that make any sense?

And after having got myself a belly full of all that good stuff, I attended my very first Kirtan.
The Yoga House was having one just when I was enjoying my bowful of yogurt + granola + fruits and I decided to check it out.
I'm not a very good singer so my enthusiasm and presence lasted for only about 10 minutes.
It sort of reminded me of this.

I feel totally bubble wrapped in goodness.

Love and Light!

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