Sunday, June 23, 2013

The Poor man's eyelash curler

There is so much we can transform about ourselves with good hair and makeup.
And with youtube there is a lot to learn.

The other day my brother-in-law who is not metrosexual and knows nothing about styling women explained how I can back-comb my hair and add volume to it and make a bun of some sort.
Clearly he was only trying to shock me with his newfound knowledge that he acquired from a University called youtube. You know those pointless ads that play before the video you want to watch? I just realized people actually watch them and don't always hit the 'skip ad after 5 seconds' button.

To be honest youtube has taught me how to wear a mundu and do smokey-eye makeup.
And I'm not the only one.
One of my friends loves trying random beauty and makeup tricks.
And now she has made eyelashes her new obsession.
She has bought herself a pair of fake lashes and she can't stop trying to convince me to try on a pair myself.

I have a tough time putting eyedrops in my own eyes so the thought of glueing something to my eyes just terrifies me.

Will I end up glueing them shut?
Will it feel like my eyes have wings?
Will a simple action like blinking feel like I have to fasten my seatbelt for takeoff and landing?

Clearly such beautification is not for me.

I'd like to think that I've been blessed with nice, dark Indian eyelashes and so with a little bit of mascara I'm good to go. But to be honest, most of the time I don't even wear mascara since the 'Advance thinking area' of my brain starts ringing the warning bell and makes me realize that I probably won't want to wash my face after a long night which may make me look like a Panda when I wake up.

And not even a cute one.

So, if you're like me and you don't like glueing on eyelashes, wearing mascara or looking like a panda but still want to do your bit and look awesome, try this.

I call it The Poor Man's Eyelash Curler.

Well, what else do you call a spoon?

Happy Eyelash curling!

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