Sunday, April 6, 2014


Remember when people made mixtapes?

When I was a child, my cousin would make mixtapes for me.
And he wouldn't bother to write the names of the songs on the back.
So my sister and I would play every song and guess the titles.
And how did we do that?
By listening to a song over and over again and writing whatever words we heard the most number of times.
And you'd be surprised - more than half our mixtape had the right song titles.
How brilliant were we?

After a point we graduated to making mixes on CDs.
I have a collection of CDs made by me and gifted by my exs.
And they were the best.

You could tell so much about a person from the kind of mix they made.

And now with everything on your iPod or even just a USB, mixtapes and even CDs have become a thing of the past.
Is it time to put it in the Vintage category already?

Kids these days don't know what a tape is.
And I love not explaining it to them and just keeping them guessing.
I'm a mean jellybean sometimes.

But how cool is this?

It's called Milktape.

It's Mac and PC compatible
128 MB (holds 15 songs average) because everything should be handpicked
You can drag and drop from any folder or iTunes
Personalize each tape. Write on the blank cover and stickers
$21 with shipping

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