Monday, June 16, 2014

Ringtone Jam

I am a big fan of music. All kinds of music.
My day doesn't feel complete without it.
It helps me work better and always puts me in the right mood.

When people ask me about what kind of music I like listening to, I never really have an answer.
Because I like almost everything.
And can listen to just about anything depending on my mood.

But have you ever felt like the music at a certain point in time was so good that nothing could top it?
And then something does.
It's pretty amazing when you think about how there are an infinite number of sounds that can be created and that we will always have new music.
And how great is that?

I always wished I could contribute to that.
But I can't play any instrument besides the keyboard (and that too just happy birthday) and a harmonium (a keyboard with a fan) and I always wish I could learn to play a new instrument.

I've always wanted to learn the saxophone though while breathing during yoga I figured out that I probably don't have the lung capacity for it.

Or maybe I could play something random like a theremin.
No keys. Just pure luck is all I need.

Or how cool would it be if I got myself one of those finger drum pads (that is what they're called right?).
My neighbours would hate me but I would also be the coolest person I know.

Check out this guy, he just made the iPhone ringtone cool.
It will make you want to Move like Jagger.

Or maybe that's just me.

Video by Metrognome.
More music available on iTunes.

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