Monday, July 14, 2014


Remember when I woke up one day and decided to draw on the wall in my room?
Well, it wasn't that long ago.
If you don't remember, I have a video to prove it.

Well, that was just practice.
Now people hire me to draw on their walls.
How cool is that?

And sometimes people refer to me as a chalk artist.
Or that girl who does chalk art.
I find it funny because chalk is just a medium.
I could scribble on your wall with just about anything.
Not a problem.

Terttulia, a popular restaurant in Pune, opens in Bombay today.
But the food isn't the only thing that I'm excited about.
It's also the art on the walls of the restaurant.
Because I was responsible for it.

I've done a mix of illustration and hand lettering and it was a lot of fun.
It was a lot of work for one person so I worked on it with the wonderful Rabanne (he makes furniture too) who was just the best guy to hang out with - while working, traveling, lunching and dinnering (my English isn't bad. I just have a talent for making up words).

Here are a few photos of the restaurant:

You can see more photos on my website. And then some more.

I've eaten a bunch of things there but highly recommend the mud cake.
It makes you forget all the troubles of this world and temporarily makes you feel as happy as a new born baby.

If you plan on going there, here's the address:
Ground Floor, Hotel Parkway,
Near Natural Ice Cream,
Shivaji Park, Mumbai

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