Sunday, November 21, 2010

A Life less Internetty

by Lee Crutchley
I've been internet-starved for about a week now.
Life seems dull without the RGB.
I am one of those boring people who enjoys ignoring the world and spends her evenings glued to her computer like a moth to the light.
Not being a social butterfly, I am more likely to be seen surfing with my hands firmly on my keyboard than my feet firmly on a surfboard.

But, since I've been disconnected from the World wide Web of fun, I spent my week desperately searching for other things to do. Here's how it went.

Black and blue was the theme. No, I'm not talking about a Sanjay Leela Bhansali Film but my bruises. It wasn't a simple 'Princess and the pea' story either. It was more of a slipping and falling and drama drama drama till I was served food covered in white sauce which miraculously acted as a pain killer.There's something special in the white sauce that my mom makes which comforts your bones like bubble wrap.

This was Children's Day. So, I celebrated it by being myself. Took a couple of catnaps. What else do u do on  Sunday anyway?
I was all set to write one of those nosalgic blogs but, oh no! No internet.

Painted my nails bright blue. Then transparent. Then black.
Ate a salad with olives. Realised how much I love olives. They have such a perfectly cheesy quality. Weirdly enough I always took them off my food just cause I thought I didn't like them.

Saw a lot of goats. A lot of them. It was the day before Eid. Couldn't help but feel scared for them.
Such mixed feelngs. I do eat animals. But I feel bad too.
An issue better avoided.

Watched Marley and Me. Makes me cry everytime. Every single time. And I've never had a pet.

Practised doing Smokey eye makeup on myself in preparation for a friend's wedding coming up very soon.
Makeup is something noone really ever taught me. So, I've learnt most of it on YouTube.

I watched Golmaal 3 only to avoid climbing 6 floors since my elevator wasn't working. Never understood the point of it or how spending even a Rupee on making it was justified but I guess India loves slapstick so it works.
To make my day more fruitful, I cut my fringe a bit. And in a bit of a hurry.
Working on Photoshop all the time makes me feel like I can Ctrl+Z my way out of everything in life.
Well, not quite. Definitely not haircuts.
I guess in a few days I'll have a Ctrl+N look to look forward to.

I watched Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 1. I always love it. Witches and wizards, a well imagined story, a book I never bothered to read, British accents I love to imitate and so much more.
And I can't stop staring at the nose of He-who-must-not-be-named. It's so weird but cool but weird.
Ended my week of internetless misery with an El Bandida Cosmopolitan at Sancho's, the new Mexican restaurant in Bandra.
I guess that's what Sarah Jessica Parker would've had in Mexico.

A lot happened.
A lot of introspection.
A lot of Jasmine Tea.
A lot of realisation.
I realised how much I hate eating with a fork and knife.
So a big thanks to all those people who I've dined with and have done all the cutting while I've done all the eating.
Yes, seriously.

So, I guess that makes me a Survivor?

What a Week!


Gauri said...

Hey nehuuuu,
finally got a chance to read your blog, and i gotta say i did not read it coz ive been totally forgetting....anyhow, i like coz it's just like u - weird and wonderful... and i realised i can pester u about my painting through cyber space .... hallelujah!! where is it by the way

keep writing and stay weird

Neha said...

Finally you're online!
Thanks for the weird and wonderful compliment :)
And I told you this is your year. Meet me and you'll get it. So I guess that's next Ganpati :P

Gauri said...

see nehuu, its comments like this that make me saaaad boo hoo is it ur intention to make me cry??? N how about you huh huh huh anyhow comet stop being cheeky and do some work... wheres my painting?????


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