Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy 2011

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Being a designer, when people talk about resolutions, the first thing that comes to my mind is 72, 150 or 300 dpi?

Every new year I think about what my resolution for the year will be.
And then I don't make one since its more than likely that I'll forget about it in a day or two.
In my teens I thought of getting a meaningful tattoo but then had nothing to say that would mean something to me years later. Luckily. Then I went into the whole let's try every Adventure Sport phase and tried none.

This year however I'm making up for all those years and making a whole list of them.

Today, the 1st of January for many seems like a new beginning and the New Year celebrations continue.
For me, it's all about Saturday Night Fever. No, not the movie. I just have fever on a Saturday Night.

Did I party too hard last night? Umm.. No.

I had decided not to attend any party where I feel coughed up from the room.
Or drink till I get pickled since unfortunately for me noone would be watching me lovingly with My Cherie Amour playing in the background.
Or be in a 5 foot radius of anyone about to throw up.

I attended a nice new year party which was pretty sober/ normal (besides the part where I was fencing with a bunch of balloons on a stick) and now after having recovered from it, I have decided to jot down some plans for 2011.

  • Draw more cause I know I can do better.
  • Learn to cook and try not being afraid of fire or knives for a change.
  • Or draw and cook.
  • Find love like this.
  • Start cycling.
  • Get a Sheila ki Jawaani body before Aku's wedding (since I feel like I'm starting to look like the food I've been over-eating. My mother has started calling me plumcake).
  • Write more letters. Collect more stamps for my stampbook.
  • Watch more movies. Especially the good ones in foreign languages. Maybe I'll try and understand them without subtitles.
  • Travel.
  • Write a book. On what I do not know.
  • Finally setup my own website.
That seems to be a very long list.
So exciting/scary.

And if nothing works out I'll just have a 'tub-bath'.
(My mother's solution to all my problems).

But, to be honest nothing in life scares me all that much.
I guess that's cause I know how to enjoy life's simple pleasures.
For example, the other day I had a Frooti. It got over too soon. This made me very sad.
A minute later I had a Frootilicious burp and then life seemed lovely all over again.

Here's wishing you many Frooti filled burps this year.
Have a good 2011!

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