Sunday, January 16, 2011

Happy Realisation

It's a sad joke that we cracked when we were kids, but when anyone wished us 'Happy New Year' after the 10th of January, the normal response to that was Happy Realisation.

Quite sad.

My Zebra feet
Anyway, here's a list of some of the other realisations of the last decade.

  • I am really good at Camouflage. 
  • If I think I have jaundice, it's most probably because I just ate cheese flavoured banana chips that have automatically given me a yellow manicure.
  • Planning for a wedding is tougher than learning Chinese.
  • I will never speak good Hindi.
  • I will never stop laughing at other people's bad Hindi. (Aku talking to a Mehendi lady on the phone for her bridal mehendi: Mujhe full legs nahi chahiye, sirf feet karna hai).
  • I will never be able to call a Macaroon a Macaroon without first calling it Macroom biscuit in my head, thanks to my grandmother.
  • Richie Rich is boring and He-Man is the coolest.
  • You can survive without Facebook just as you did before it existed.
  • Green tea does not make you lose weight.
  • The Home Alone tune is called the Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy by Tchaikovsky. I know every piece of classical music because of movies, ads or Tom & Jerry.
  • Tibbs Frankie at Shivaji Park kicks all other Tibb's Frankie's bums.
  • Yellow Ochre is not really yellow.
  • Movies will always end the same way. How much ever I want Marley to stay alive, he still is going to die at the end of Marley and Me everytime I watch it. Just like how Julia Roberts will never marry her best friend.
  • I am seriously lazy if I type K for Ok.
  • Contact is the coolest movie of the 90's.
  • Great marketing and great bullshitting skills can surely take you a long way. I have a lot to learn. I am saying this because I went for the Anish Kapoor show and it sucked bigtime.
  • And Michael Buble's real name is unfortunately not Michael Bubble. How disappointing!
Have a good weekend!


Heart Charlie said...

I love those zebra feet ;)

Neha said...

Actually happened to be a coincidence.
I seem to have a lot of striped stuff.
And that's how I survived a semi cold New Year in Bombay without sneezing.

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