Sunday, March 27, 2011

The Other Stuff

illustration by me.

Been a crazy few months but full of fun and unusual moments. In a nutshell this is what it was all about:
  • Aku looking thoroughly bored in every saree shop trying hard to understand why women love it so much when it's just a long piece of cloth. She had a point.
  • I on the other hand noticed how all the ladies who come to saree shops seemed to have back cleavages.
  • Going shoe shopping and trying to dodge the shoes falling from the ceiling. Always scary. Why can't they store it someplace else.
  • Going to Aroma Thai foot spa and letting our minds go on a one hour holiday.
  • Pretending to understand Gujrati spoken by saree salesmen hoping to get better service.
  • Explaining the length of my blouses as 'it should cover my stomach crease formed while watching too much TV'
  • Experimenting with different makeup looks. Smokey eye was more like black eye unfortunately.
  • Packing cards for what felt like a lifetime.
  • Going out and grabbing a bite when we had too much to do.
  • Planning menus, decorations and everything that goes with it.
  • Crying when my blouse didn't arrive on time and trying to make myself feel better about wearing a non-matching blouse by walking to Carter Road and eating Bhutta.
  • Eating chocolates to put myself in a better mood when stressed. Ok, this is nothing new.
  • Being really bad at helping Anand find a tie for the reception. I don't know why this was so hard.
  • Documenting everything on my phone camera.
  • Not doing anything like we planned which includes eating healthy, exercising and beautifying in whatever way possible. No time. And how does one suddenly transform?
  • Having a thousand thoughts running through my head and still finding time to think about things like - If people didn't eat eggs wouldn't there be too many birds? which in turn would lay more eggs. Eeks.
  • A lot of firsts - got my first manicure, bought my first lipstick and blowdried my hair 5 times in one week for the first and last time.
  • Going to Kerala a week before the wedding and discovering that Bananas there are different. Yellowish-pink banana is just plain weird.
  • Heating my hands over the fire in the kitchen so that my mehendi would dry faster so I could eat faster. Though I'm pretty sure I did eat some mehendi too.
  • My mehendi getting darker everyday for 4 days. So either my hands are really warm or my husband's going to be head over heels in love with me. I'd rather go with the latter.
  • Waking up with orange spots on my feet on the morning after the mehendi and wondering what the hell happened.
  • Not opening the door the the Eunuchs who were demanding money. Such a weird custom.
  • Getting more nervous than Aku on her wedding day while Anand remained as cool as an ice-cube.
  • Making up for missing eating Jalapeno poppers at the wedding with all the desserts.
  • Troubling Aku & Anand to practise their fake smiles for the reception.
  • Watching so many almost love stories happen.
  • Mom not understanding why I would go to buy t-shirts on the reception day just because.
  • Trying to desperately learn last minute makeup tips from youtube.
  • Aku being terrified of eyelash curlers.
  • Sleeping every night with the earings I'm supposed to wear the the next days function so I don't cry at the last moment.
  • Deciding not to have a Sangeet since we are not disciples of Karan Johar.
  • Waking up every morning with Tim Burton/Helena Bonham Carter hair - whichevers worse.
  • And then transforming into something else by the evening.
  • I even started eating salad hoping I'll suddenly look like a movie star. Doesn't make a difference.
That's all for now. I'd better start packing Aku's honeymoon bag while she rests like a princess.
Tomorrow it's back to the normal life and to my non-glam look. Welcome back Tim hair.

And to my Aku and Anand - bon voyage.

And don't worry Aku, there will always be a toothbrush for you in our bathroom. Just remember yours is the green one.
Or there may not be one the next time to prevent grossness.

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