Sunday, April 3, 2011

A New phase for me & India

Now that the love of my life/ my sister/ my everything has left home, a sudden emptiness has flooded my heart.
Do I fill this void with food/ movies or just air?
Aku & I have taken most of the decisions in each other's lives. Yes it's a good combination of pathetic and sweet.
So what am I without her?
People say you are what you eat.
So for now let's just call me tons of chocolate with a healthy side plate of watermelon (topped with olives & cheese) to reduce the guilt a bit.

In order to come out of this Food Coma I have started going for walks (once), am joining Yoga (tomorrow) and took pictures for a friend's blog (cause I'm a talented control freak, right Smita?)

Today everything everywhere is silent. Mainly because last night everything everywhere wasn't.
India is in a state of party recovery.
We won the Cricket World Cup yesterday after 28 years. The first win for India in my lifetime. Ok, that statement was made just to show how young I am.
Picture taken from Google Images
I heard the match was fixed. Then I heard it wasn't. Then it was pretty obvious it wasn't.
Then we gave up all hope. I even changed the channel for a bit.

To be honest I am not the biggest fan of cricket. I watch it once in a while when India is playing and it's an important match.
The other day when India played Pakistan in the semi-finals, I was hoping Shahid Afridi wouldn't get out only cause he was something pretty to look at. If I made this confession during the match, I would've probably been stoned by my countrymen, but now that India has won, I feel a little braver to admit it.
The final match yesterday between India and Sri Lanka was definitely the most interesting match I have ever seen.
I watched it with my grandmother for whom cricket is a religion. We sat at the edge of our seats, forgetting to breathe and then when we won we couldn't help but jump up and hug each other and start clapping like 5 yr olds at a birthday party.
We had tears in our eyes and couldn't understand how or why. The stadium was buzzing with so much energy. And so was the quiet road I live on. By the time I went to bed, my house was smelling of crackers. It was like Diwali in April. Special!

Today is a new day. India has entered into a new phase and so have I. Everyone's on a crazy high and every kind of behaviour seems justified. But, let's face it, it's just a game. So, next time I go all psycho while playing Taboo, I'm assuming that that would be thought of as normal behaviour.

Hoping to enter a new phase full of focus, good food & exercise.
Hoping the yoga phase lasts and I learn to touch my head to my feet instead of doing my more regular pose of Foot-in-my-mouth.

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