Monday, August 26, 2013

Twerk it out

Did you watch the VMA's yesterday?

Did you remember anything besides Miley Cyrus doing whatever it is that she was doing?

Well, she crawled out of a bear.
She stuck her tongue out and her tongue was unusually long. Which was just disturbing in itself.
She made the strangest hairstyle ever. Were they bear ears?
Because she danced with bears in a bear onesie.
And even the bear on the onesie was sticking his tongue out.
It was like Inception - but with tongues.

She then ripped the bear onesie and revealed her matching latex bra and panty outfit.
And the worst part hadn't even started.

She began twerking.
Her performance was pretty tongue in cheek.
While her face wasn't.

Jay Z and Miley via Laughing Squid

Wait, there's more.
She then wore a foam hand - the kind you see at sporting events like baseball/ basketball games.
Or in this case at the VMA's so Miley could touch herself and Robin Thicke.

It was stranger than strange.
But that sort of is what the VMA's is all about.

I'm not sure about whether everyone was disturbed by it because of her age or because of her actions.

I just found it funny.

It's one of those things people do for a quick 15 minutes of fame.
Which makes you wonder why Miley did it.
I suppose this was just Hannah Montana's coming out party.
Because if I called it her Debutante or Cotillion, it would just sound wrong.

It's time Miley does her version of Britney Spears' I'm not a girl, not yet a woman.
Because it seems like she's currently twerking in limbo.

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