Thursday, August 1, 2013


India is one hell of a strange strange place.
I am more convinced about it everyday.

And the extent of strangeness is endless.
Isn't that exciting?

A friend of mine sent me this today.
This is the link to The Reserve Bank of India website.
Now one would think this would have a hint of seriousness to it.
But, no.
In India we like to keep it simple and fun. And don't forget - unexpected.

So when you forget about why you opened the website to begin with, there's some fun stuff to keep your mind busy.
There's a whole range of jigsaw puzzles of the Indian Rupee ranging from the 10 Rupee note to the 1000 Rupee note.  But, as ridiculously out of place as it was on the website, I have to admit I really enjoyed playing it.
I was always a jigsaw puzzle fan and always will be.

The jigsaws aren't very challenging and are perfect for a lazy afternoon when you don't feel like working.
And what's even better - when you complete the jigsaw [which you always will], tacky and colourful confetti/ firecrackers start bursting on your screen. Wohoo!

It really feels like a celebration.
A stupid one. But one that makes you happy.

I'd recommend going with the 10 Rupee puzzle.
Not only do you get confetti but strangely enough Hava Nagila starts playing and you can't help but feel like singing along.
Since childhood I have sung this song with my own lyrics [like I always do] and could make people believe I was fluent in Hebrew.

Try it!
The whole experience is very festive. And also Jewish.
All that excitement makes you want to break a glass. Or two.

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