Monday, July 15, 2013

Yoga Station Retreat

A couple of months ago I started learning Ashtanga Yoga at Yoga Station from my friend, Tanvi Mehra who not only happens to be an amazing yoga teacher and dancer but also someone with such a big heart. When you meet her, you just want to give her a hug.

Her classes are sometimes hard but at the same time so relaxing.
I go for her evening class and I get some amazing sleep after it.

Over the last weekend I went for a Yoga retreat with my entire class to Tanvi's beautiful house in Badlapur.
The weather was lovely. It was raining and we were surrounded by every shade of green that exists.

We went for a walk, through the stream to the hills.
And we had cows for company.
The beauty was surreal.

Once we got to the hill, it started raining.
But that didn't stop us.
We did yoga in the rain and it was amazing.

And my sister did a cartwheel.

We came back to a huge spread that was put together by all the students.
Everyone brought with them healthy versions of tasty food.
And obviously there was cake too.

A day so well spent!

Update: Yoga Station classes are now at Tangerine Arts Studio in Bandra.

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