Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Teux Deux

I have always loved making to-do lists.
I can almost call it a hobby.

I love writing lists so much that I not only make them for myself but for my family too.
I don't know how much they love it.
I think not very much.
So I put sweet little notes at the bottom of the list that end with 'Love, Neha' and a :)

If you walk around my house you will see to-do lists floating around everywhere.
> on the fridge.
> in my diary.
> on little pieces of paper.
> my hand.
> and in the reminder section on my phone.

I'd create a sort of mess while organising.
Till I came across this website called TeuxDeux and it was just the most perfect to-do list I had ever seen.
I downloaded the iPhone App for only $2.99 and now my teuxdeux list from my computer syncs with the one on my phone.
It's so amazing that I almost feel like it's been created just for me.

But even with the awesomeness of it, my work to-do lists are still on post-its for some reason.
For everything else there's TeuxDeux.
Click here to view the happenings of my busy week.

On TeuxDeux 
You can write out your lists.
Strike them out once completed.
Or delete them.
And when you don't finish a task, it automatically moves on to the next day.
So easy peasy.

And the best part - There's also a section called Someday.
Someday is what I like to call the 'Procrastinator's Section'.
For all those things we want to do but havent fixed a day for it yet.
And it's got 5 columns. Good enough for me!

I'd recommend it for anyone who likes making lists and also for anyone who doesn't.

Because crossing things off a list is sometimes as satisfying as eating a bar of chocolate.

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