Tuesday, November 20, 2012

A weekend in Goa

Photo by me.
I spent my weekend in Goa and it was nothing but fantabulous.
I went with two of my oldest friends with whom being lame just comes naturally.
And what could be more fun than that.

This was our routine:
Wake up.
Have a beer with breakfast.
Jump into the pool.
Follow one of Oshos's 10 commandments.*
Head to the beach.
Jump into the sea.
Beer no.2.
Eat seafood.
Beer no.3.
Eat anything fried.
Swim around.
Do cartwheels on the beach.
Take bad photos on my Lomo camera.
Come home and finally bathe in the evening. (Evening baths are justified on holidays).
Dress up like lovely ladies and go out once again.
And then one of my friends would get hit on even more than a piñata.

Photo of me by me.
In the middle of all that we found time to:
- watch a movie (Argo)
- go swimsuit shopping
- do underwater photography with my iPhone (Yes, I have courage and a scubasuit)
- and find doppelgangers - Kenny G and Yash Birla.

The only low point was when a Sadhu-like man tried to charge me 100 rupees to take a picture with his elephant. I told him are you serious? It's an animal.

Minus 100 points to Goa.
But it's still heavenly.

*And if you're wondering which of Osho's commanments we managed to follow, it was No.8:
Do not swim. Float.

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