Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Happy Diwali

Photo by me
I love parties. The happy energy you feel is almost unreal. Or is it just me?
I attended a school friend's Diwali party last night.
He told us it would be a 'card party' like most Diwali parties are these days.
I clearly didn't take him seriously and went for the party with my dancing shoes on.
I reached his house and the living room was full of specially created card-playing areas.
And since I was the Teen Patti virgin, I was put at the Kacha Limboo table.

I learnt a bit. Cheated. Stole counters. Did something called Sideshow. And lost 100 rupees only.
Not because I played well but because I was at the Kacha Limboo table.

So tell me something. What is the connection between Diwali and playing cards?
Is it because the Goddess Laxmi enters the house, and brings wealth and good fortune along with her?
But then what about the people who lose money?
I'm confused.

Being the Kacha Limboo that I was, I didn't enjoy playing the game.
Because let's face it, who enjoys losing?
Or playing a game they don't understand?
To me it was like playing golf.
But with cards.
Does that make any sense?

I have no idea what game I was even playing and within 20 minutes I was requesting others to start playing easier mindless games like Bluff
just dance like we did in the old days.

What ever happened to that?

Looks like I'll have to enrol myself in some sort of Teen Patti bootcamp before next Diwali.

And hopefully till then I'll find a reason to dance everyday.

Hope you do too.
Happy Diwali!

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