Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Make a wish


the one who greets me every morning with a Guten Morgen and every night with a Gute Nacht

inspires me each day to be anything I want to be

who once made me do what I thought was giving a butter massage to a chicken

and turned me into the cleanliness freak that I am

who never stops giving directions while I'm driving

has the cutest pronunciation for jacuzzi

is more with the times than even I am

and gets cooler with every passing year

the one who makes the best apple strudel with all her love (read sugar)

the life of every party

who strikes a pose everyday when she gets dressed up

She calls me her mother-in-law for reasons I choose to ignore

But I call her Aai, my grandmother, my love.

Happy Birthday meine liebe.

P.S: the chicken massage was meant to be a roast chicken lesson.


Venus said...

Hi Neha,

Please wish Akka aunty from all of us here in New Zealand too. Happy Happy Birthday dear Akka aunty.

Love - Venus, Rodd, Zia, & baby Nina :)

New Age Yogi said...

She taught me how to make spaghetti before I even knew what cuisine it is - and helped me cook it for Chandni in my attempts to impress her. Guess it worked very well... :)

Neha Kamath said...

she said thanks venus :)

Neha Kamath said...

the spaghetti story is so cute.

i love how shes always enthusiastic for everything.
she has helped aku with her hair experiments - colouring it with beetroot juice from a magazine recipe. and ironing it with a clothes iron when hair irons weren't available here. lol.

and shes taught me how everything matches a white trouser and how you should match your lipstick colour to your clothes. i dont know if im taking her advice.

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