Friday, January 18, 2013

The Globes

Don't you just love the Globes?
I wake up at 630 am only twice a year.
For the Golden Globes and the Oscars.
With the time difference et al we Indians have to suffer the task of setting our alarm to that unearthly hour. But I do it. And with no complaints. And without hitting the snooze button even once.
This year it just happened to slip my sleepy mind.
And I even forgot to catch the re-run at 9 pm.
I could have cried.
But alas! I had Tata Sky + and could magically record it the next time it was on TV.
And so I only managed to watch it today. 4 whole days later.
There was no Red carpet bit. But I caught the rest of the show and it was fantabulous as always.
The energy that fills that room seems so electric.
I wish I could be there some day.
My childhood dream was to watch Oprah Live but now ever since she lost that zing I've replaced that dream with this one/ watching the Oscars/ well, there's a long list.
Watching the show even days later was so worth it.
Tina Fey and Amy Poehler had me in splits with their special flavour of humour. Let's just call it shamelessness.
Jodie Foster's speech gave me a lump in my throat which somehow helped keep my tears hidden behind my eyeballs.
I loved how Ben Affleck used his wife Jennifer Garner to complete his Thank you speech when she went on stage to present another award.
And why was Lena Dunham walking like a penguin-robot in her gown? Ok I'm just being mean because she's amazing and I'm jealous. So much talent and she's only 26!
I couldn't get enough of the Americans saying Les Mi-say-rrraa-bluh in the most Frenchified* accent they could pull off.
SNL's Will Ferrell and Kristen Wiig were so mad-funny. I could just keep replaying it and laugh again.
Was Jennifer Lopez wearing a dress or was that just body glitter?
Arnold Shwarzenegger and Sylvester Stallone presenting for Foreign Language film in what sounded like a foreign language.
Claire Danes, Megan Fox and Jessica Alba - new mothers who are thinner than me. FML!

And Adele. Oh Adele! Love how she said Aw ma goddd at the start of her speech.
Leo DiCaprio - Always a nominee. Never a winner.
Meryl Streep - Always a winner. But suddenly just a nominee. Who mysteriously got the flu.
Bill Clinton being introduced as Hillary's husband.
And then there was the fun part of taking mental notes of who I think are lookalikes.
- Jodie Foster and Helen Hunt
- Glenn Close and flu stricken Meryl Streep who didn't make it.
- Emily Blunt and Zooey Deschanel minus the bangs.
- Jessica Lange and Sigourney Weaver
- Dame Maggie Smith and Holland Taylor
- Daniel Craig and Jeremy Renner
- Jeremy Irons and Daniel Day Lewis
And then there were a lot of fun trailers too.
I have a long list of movies to watch now. And Silver Linings Playbook seems to be topping the list.
What can I say. I just love the Globes.
And the regular one I had on my desk when I was a child.
Ok it wasn't so regular.
It was lit from within.
And I don't mean that metaphorically but literally.
* made it sound as close to French as possible.
Different from french fries.

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