Thursday, January 31, 2013

Word of the day

I just downloaded a new App on my phone through another App.
Am I an App junkie?
Because I feel like the Lindsay Lohan of Apps.

So, the first App I was talking about is AppGratis.
My friend told me about it and it's pretty amazing.
They give you a deal a day - a paid app that you can download for free but just for that day.
So I downloaded App No.2 which is CultiWords.
This teaches you new words.
And I'm obsessed with learning new words and their pronunciations.
It's almost like a hobby.
I think it's time Merriam Webster got upgraded to my Bookmarks Bar.
But it's not even like I use these words in conversation.
It's just to activate a few more cells in my brain.
They say we use only 10% of our brain. And Einstein used about 20% maybe?
So I'm aiming for about 15%.
Or maybe that's all rubbish and it's just that some lobe of his brain was wider.

Like every morning I woke up and opened my Cultiwords App.
Today's word was harbinger.
Now harbinger is not a 'big word' and I already knew of it but it was fun to relearn it.
But everytime I think of it, I think of how it could be someones first name.
Which ofcourse would be followed by a last name like Singh.
What do you think?

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