Friday, March 30, 2012

The power of Blue

I love reading Celebrity gossip.
Because it's so pointless.

I have realised that in an attempt to stand out and be different, most celebrities:
- Try to make a style statement.
- And then start their own clothing line.
- Adopt a lot of children.
- Give their children funny names.
- And when they see their careers ending they jump on the reality show bandwagon.

Going through their complicated lives, some of them try to find themselves by adopting a new religion
- Richard Gere with Buddhism
- Julia Roberts with Hinduism
- Madonna with Kabbalah
- Tom Cruise with Scientology
I could go on...

Which probably gives them that sense of calm/ happiness/ alertness.

That man really knew what he was talking about.

Tom Cruise said that he planned on eating his baby's placenta when she was born.

And then there's Alicia Silverstone...
Bombay Times - 29 March, 2012

Like it wasn't bad enough that she named her son Bear Blu.

It will just never sound right.

And the Oscar goes to Bear Blu? Fail

I Love you Bear Blu. Fail.

Maybe he could marry Beyonce's daughter Blue Ivy Carter and they could have a baby blue and form their own Blue Man Group.

Their life will be interesting on a whole new level.

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