Monday, March 12, 2012

Not all who wander are lost

After a month of many short trips, I wasn't yet done.
Last weekend I took off with some friends for the Eristoff Invasion Festival in Pune to watch David Guetta.
This is how I packed my little bag:
Extra tshirts 
Torch that doubles as an eraser 
You never know when you'll need to erase in the dark. Better to always be prepared.

And this is how my trip was...
A lot happened. Everything that could've gone wrong went wrong but there was still a lot to be happy about. Everyone I went with wasn't too kicked about Guetta but I had a great time anyway. 

All the excitement had made me wake up every hour the previous night.
I had a quick fruity breakfast and left home sleepy.
Got some Peppy to pep me up on the way.
Saw many many hoardings for a wax museum in Lonavla. True story.
Had lunch right next to the Osho Ashram. 
(Quick question: Does anyone know why the Osho people wear Maroon?)
And then I saw a big monkey but missed the peacock.
My curiosity was making me want to jump over the fence but the barbed wire stopped me.
Had a big lunch.
Reached the concert venue late.
Missed watching the very goodlooking (and talented) Sahej Bakshi. See his Google image.
My friends realised they had tickets for the concert in Delhi.
They managed to sort it. They must have a lot of good karma.
We had Eristoff cocktails (since they were sponsoring the show).
I was surrounded by teenagers.
I got sick. It wasn't the Eristoff. Maybe it was the teenagers.
And then I was miraculously ok.
David Guetta performed.
At one point he took his jacket off and men started cheering.
I have yet to understand Indian men.
And then Akon came out of nowhere.
He had a beer and disappeared.
And then he was back for the last song.
This is when David Guetta said that he wanted to ask Akon a question. 
I forgot what it was now but it wasn't "Will you be my Chammak Challo" as predicted by one of my friends.

Next on the agenda: A Visit to the Celebrity Wax Museum in Lonavla. Because why visit London?


GIRIJA said...

Hahahaha! I read Amit's review too. Thank god I didn't come for David Gutter. But nice that you had fun.

Neha Kamath said...

Ya he wasn't too pleased especially after we heard the entire cd on the way there.
But like every teenager, I like his music. I listen to it and work everyday. lol. Take back the Gutter comment :P

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