Friday, March 23, 2012

Stick to the plan

My original plan for March: learn to play the Piano.

That didn't happen.
This is what I did.

I traveled a bit. Worked.
And I got an iPhone. Yay!
I know my last post was all about making time and prioritising but who cares when you've got the most pointless apps on your phone and can ignore the world and you feel so good that you don't need friends anymore.

I'm hooked onto Pinterest and Instagram and Flipboard.
I listen to Dubai radio. Because I can.
And I cut fruits on Fruit Ninja the rest of the time.
And I feel awesome.
Like a Ninja who can cook.

When my battery is low I finally talk to people again.
And then when I still have some time left over I make time for fun stuff like:

Watching Karsh Kale Live and staring at his handsomeness.

Eating Breakfast at Suzette and looking into Pierre's sea blue eyes and asking him for fresh orange juice.

And then going there again in the evening for some sinful hot chocolate.

Not putting any mehendi on my fingers so I can attack the food and beverages at my friend's Mehendi party.

Attending my friend's wedding after learning how to wear a 2 piece mundu from youtube.

Preventing a wardrobe malfunction by pulling a Liz Hurley. (Remember her Versace safety pin LBD? Same concept but a less obvious look. And no I didn't bag any magazine covers).
No photo available. Luckily.

Making my hair look like a croissant. Just incase I feel the need to, the next time I see Pierre and find the need to look Parisien.

Buying a lot of things I don't need. And then learning eye makeup at MAC like putting eyeliner while dodging your eyelashes.

And so many more things.

I suddenly feel like I'm one of those people who has 48 hours in the day.

Hopefully I'll make some time for the things I really want to do in the New Year.
And since today happens to be one of the many New Years we have every year,

Happy Gudi Padwa.
Let's hope I learn to play the Piano or atleast cycle.

Suzette photos have been stolen from their Facebook page. The rest are from my personal collection.


Akshaya said...

Croissant hairstyle is too funny. Can't imagine how you could have held it together. But I suspect that you wrapped your hair around an actual croissant.

Neha Kamath said...

Yes that's exactly how I did it.
You're brilliant!

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