Sunday, February 3, 2013

Haii know

Haii know you've got your own town
Haii know you got your own ways 
Haii know you got your own lieefe

I'm just sayin' come on down to my place 

Come on make some new friends 
And tell me what you drinkin' 
Haii know there's no place like home 
But I know you gonna like it in my citaaay

Don't ask what that's about.

But if you insist, Haii will try to explain what it's all about.

It's a new music video which plays on Vh1 all day long.
It has the stupidest lyrics ever written.

I wrote a little poem when I was 7 years old called By the Seaside that only made it to the School Magazine but it makes more sense than this song.

In my City is Priyanka Chopra's first song and features Will-i-shouldn't-have-done-it.

In the song she talks about how amazing it is - in her citaay.
And after watching the entire video I still don't know which citaay it is.
You can see a Rickshaw and what I think is the Gateway of India.
And then you see a London phonebooth and an Underground sign.
And a big Ferris Wheel.
Is that a random Mela or the London Eye?
We will never know.

Now Priyanka Chopra can sing.
She's not wow but she's not bad either.

But when you sing ridiculous lyrics, make a low budget looking video, wear clothes that make your waist look so freakishly thin that you'd give Dita Von Teese a complex, and do a very Yo dance interspersed with Namastes+desi-girl-moves and tribal-capoeira-like pieces in between, do you really want us to take you seriously?

And Will-i-Am is singing lyrics like - Coming out inside my car.

I'm sorry Priyanka, but we stopped taking you seriously when you got Daddy's lil girl tattooed on your wrist.

And Will-i-Am is now Will-i-Made-a-Big-Mistake.

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