Saturday, February 9, 2013

Homemade with Love

There was once this boy who I really liked and the first time I met him, he bought me a bag of peaches to eat. 
It made my day!

He bought them from the market and didn't actually grow them but the thought was just as sweet.

So todays blogpost is about how we can grow our own fruits and flowers.
Eat them. Gift them. And make everyones day.

I doubt planting anything could be a Herculean task.

My grandmother used to grow all kinds of plants at home - of the flowering variety, Tulsi (because we're Hindu/ as a substitute for Basil?), and lemongrass (for tea).
She was clearly very enthusiastic. She even made her own wine and beer.

I'd like to think she was the inspiration for the Jamie at Home show.

My grandmother loved plants.
Like she loved everything else in the world.
With her whole heart.

She cared for them like a mother.
Watered them. Changed the mud. Washed the leaves.
And even spoke kind words to them.
She said you have to speak to them lovingly and it helps them grow well.
Like happy plants.
Maybe they can learn something from us and we can learn something from them.

I on the other hand have only ever grown anything when I was 6 years old.
We were told to put cotton in a small plastic bowl and put sprouts in it and water it.
And I'll never forget how happy it made me when the sprouts actually sprouted.

The lady who works in my sister's house has been throwing seeds of various fruits into her plants in the balcony and then one day she told my sister to expect watermelon and papaya trees soon.
She looked just as cool about it as my sister looked worried.

Well, luckily it isn't that simple.

But it's simple enough.

So here's some basic and slightly more advanced tips that should help you make your own little green haven in this concrete jungle and build a healthier future.

Hope your day is just peachy!

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