Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Too many questions. So little time.

I absolutely hate having to answer questions.
About myself.
My work.
What I'd like to eat for dinner.
Or even something as simple as what's on TV.
Either I'm just not interested or am just too lazy to exercise by vocal chords and give out unnecessary information.

Empty responses via

These days I often get phone calls from my sister after 7 pm when she asks me strange questions in a very worried tone...

What happened?

Is Carrie Ok?

Did Saul get hurt?

Let me tell you now that we don't actually know anyone named Carrie or Saul.

We're just Homeland Addicts.

We sort of live and breathe the show.

My sister tries to rush back from work to catch the 7pm show. But, till she manages to get home and switch on her TV, I have to give her a scene by scene narration of what's going on.

I feel like I'm being questioned at Langely and have to carefully think about how much information I should be giving out.

And as I said before I hate being questioned by anyone.

Which is the the reason why I decided against having a career as a big Hollywood movie star because then I'd have to deal with this guy.

Oh! The dreams I've had to let go off!

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