Wednesday, February 20, 2013

In a straight line

You know the test.
Where you walk in a straight line to prove your sobriety.

Well, for me the test was cycling in a straight line to prove well, that I can cycle.

I didn't own a cycle as a kid.
I only bought one 3-4 years ago.
It's pink and has a basket in front.
And it's called Ladybird.

I've had it for a while but I couldn't get myself to cycle.
No training wheels. No helmet. And no courage.

And then yesterday I did it.
I had my brother-in-law (who also doubles as my Tennis coach) hold the back of the cycle while I pretended to be confident and started cycling ahead.


After doing this for a while I saw that he was running beside me instead of behind me and I was obviously beaming with pride.

I won't lie, there were moments of 'Are you sure you're holding the cycle?', 'Make me go straight' and 'Promise me you wont leave it'.

It was no different than when I tried learning 20 years ago.
Only now, luckily my feet touch the ground.
With those backup brakes you automatically get about 10ml of extra courage.

All in all it was a day of achievement.

With no training wheels and no helmet.

Now I'm all ready to enrage car drivers.

All I have to learn is how to turn.
Or then how to cycle through walls.

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