Monday, February 25, 2013

Oscar morning with Mrs. Obama

Did you just watch the Oscars?

Like every year I did.

I didn't manage to wake up at 6am.
But woke up a little after and fastforwarded through the commercials which was great.

But there's something I just love about watching the Oscars while being curled up in bed.
Maybe it's about being in my PJs while the moviestars are as well put together as their wax twins at Madame Tussaud's.

But this year was a bit disappointing, wasn't it?
I didn't looove the dresses.
Or the performances.

Loved how Adele said Fank you. She was cool.
And so was 'the Boob song'. Especially the Kate Winslet part.
I think that woman has showed enough of boobage for her next ten lives as a movie-star.

But the star of the night for me was Tarantino.
That man talks like he's chatting with his pals at home while watching a football game and drinking some beers. But wait, that's his Oscar speech.
Love how he is just oozing with so much confidence that it almost seems intimidating.

After hours of watching the Red Carpet glamour and the entire award show, it finally came down to Michelle Obama presenting for the Best Movie category.
Now I felt pretty bad about how Jack Nicholson was sidelined.
Because the First Lady totally stole his thunder.

But you've got to love Michelle Obama.
Especially after this.

This lady knows how to have a good time.
And say it's for a cause - the Let's Move Campaign.

Here's to no more fat kids in America.


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