Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Do what you Love. Love what you Do.

I have always had a great appreciation for art. Of every kind.
And I also love it when others feel the same way so I can share my enthusiasm.

But what's even more fascinating for me is when people have their very own creative projects.
As a hobby and not as a business. Just because it makes them happy.
They have interests which may be completely different from their day jobs.
And it's just incredible when they convert these interests into hobbies and make time for it just for the love of the art.

While at the Machan, we met a really nice couple from America.
I needed to write something down so I borrowed a pen from them. It was a fountain pen.
And it had been really long since I used one.

Now I almost never compliment someone for their pen but this time I just had to.
It was just so smooth.
And when I said Nice pen, the man said, Thanks, I made it.


I have never known anyone who makes pens.
Because noone is crazy enough to spend hours and days making something they can buy at any store.

But how awesome a hobby is that?
He showed me pictures of the entire process.
He collects pieces of wood from anywhere and everywhere.
And he even has special tools to shape them.
Once they are shaped, he puts a protective coating and then attaches the metal fixtures.
It seems like quite a tedious process but I suppose when that's what you love doing, tedious is the last thing you'd call it.

The Ebony ball point pen and Amboyna Fountain pen by Glen Wingerd.
He showed me a series of pens.
The Ebony (from which the black keys of the piano are made) is jet black in colour and almost looks like plastic.
There was also a Cedar, palm, and many more. Even one made from the Jack Daniel's Whiskey Barrels.
Each one in it's own plastic case. Ready for gifting.
They all looked so different and beautiful in their natural colours.
And he even dyed one pink for his wife.

He was kind enough to let me take one home.
And I chose the Amboyna (a south-east Asian tree).
It had little holes in it which he had filled up with powdered turquoise.

You've got to love the details!

The Fountain pen made of Amboyna wood.
I'm in love with my new pen.
And so glad I met this lovely couple.
Not just for giving me such a beautiful handmade gift.
But for inspiring me.

Do what you love. And do it often.

Letterpress greeting cards by Yoko Sakao Ohama for Holstee.

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