Wednesday, March 6, 2013


I love order.
And I think I was this way from the minute I was born.
I'm guessing my mother was probably running some sort of baby military school in her tummy.

There couldn't be any other explanation.

I arrange everything around me.
- Napkins according to size
- Books according to their type
- Notes in my wallet according to the amount
- And don't get me started about my clothes.
I actually have a chart hanging in my cupboard with a diagram explaining the arrangement of items.
And that's not even for me.
It's for my mother incase she decides to 'surprise' rearrange my cupboard.
[She did it once and though I was trying so hard to be grateful, the new arrangement was driving me nuts].

I on the other hand don't need a diagram.
For me, it's always in my head so even on those days when my cupboard gets messy, it gets messy within this arrangement.

I call it the Method in the Madness.

Others call it Neha needs help.

When I was younger, I'd sharpen my pencils and clean my eraser every day after school and keep it ready for the next day.
Yes, I actually cleaned an eraser everyday.
My pencil box was always fully loaded and seemed almost ready for war.

The pencils were mightier than the sword.

Ok maybe it was just OCD.

But then I saw this.

Amazing wall mural of 12,000 pencil crayons by blackLAB Architects

And guess what - people are calling it ART!

If only someone had seen my pencil box.

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