Thursday, May 15, 2014

Comfort Food

What do you consider to be good comfort food?
For me it's always been Pasta.
Spaghetti to be specific.

All I need is spaghetti, a homemade tomato sauce, grated cheese and a TV and I'm all set.
Don't worry, I don't eat the TV. I just watch it.
TV's don't really mix well with tomato sauce.

Pasta; It's what I eat when I'm sad, have just recovered from an illness or have come back from a long holiday and missed home.
Ok, so to be honest I just eat it all the time.
It makes me happy.

Everyone who knows me well enough knows about this love of mine.
And I have a beautiful pasta poster from Italy that hangs in my kitchen thanks to such friends.

Yesterday, while wasting my afternoon on Instagram, I came across a book called The Geometry of Pasta.
It's about Pasta.
And it doesn't take a genius to figure that out.
But it's not only about making pasta but about making the perfect pasta.
Pairing the right pasta shape with the right sauce.
And how to get it right and turn from an average cook to a great cook.
Atleast that's what it says on the website.

To me, the book looks great.
What it is, is an amazing compilation of recipes by critically acclaimed chef Jacob Kenedy and uber-cool black and white illustrations by Caz Hildebrand.
And it seems to have great reviews too.

For those of you who spill sauce over all your beautiful cookbooks, here's some good news for you  - an App is also being developed.
So you can save the book and just mess up your gadgets instead.

But till the App is available in the App store, you can cover your book with one of these beauties - the Book on Book glass cover by Tent.

Buon Appetito!

Buy the book here. And other stuff here.

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