Friday, May 23, 2014

Crazy nails

So here's the truth - I hate painting my nails.
I have done a manicure twice in my life.
Once for my sister's wedding (because I believed that all the guests had come just to see the bride's sister's nails) and once when a friend forced me to get one (I didn't have a choice).

So why have I dolled up my nails just twice in close to 3 decades?
Well, it's too much effort.
Nailpolish takes a lifetime to dry.
It only looks perfect for maybe 2-3 days.
And since I am not ambidextrous, the nails on my left hand look like they were painted while I was blindfolded and was trying to hit a pinata (my nails) with a stick (the nailpolish) and missed.

But then my friend (the manicure forcer) gifted me a pack of Sally Hansen Real Nail Polish strips.
Not only are they awesome with their wide range of patterns but they're also super easy to apply. And they don't take any time to dry. Yay!

Photo by me.
So for the next 10 days my fingernails are going to be quite houndstoothy.
I know that's not a word but there's no better way to describe it.
And since I was bored I did my toes as well.

So whether you're into nail art or even if you're not but are just bored one afternoon, give it a try.
I'd advise putting a transparent top coat just to keep it together for a little longer.
And you can take it off with regular nailpolish remover.
Watch the video if you're not convinced or are confused by my explanation.

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