Monday, May 12, 2014

Good Juicery is here to save you this summer

I have always been the biggest fan of fruit juice.
If you see my Instagram bio it says -  Graphic designer and orange juice addict.

I can go for days without drinking any water but the first thing I have to drink every morning is a glass of juice. Any fruit juice.
My favourites are orange, watermelon, sweet lime, apple and grape.
So I pretty much drink any juice as long as it's sweet and freshly squeezed.
Yes, I am a princess who doesn't like juice from cartons.

But then I came across the locally made canned juices by Good Juicery.
Ok, so they're not like the freshly squeezed juices that I'm used to enjoying.
But they're amazing and very refreshing.
They have sparkling juices available in 3 flavours - Apple, Passion Fruit and Pink Guava.
And they have no artificial colours or added preservatives.

I had had their juices at restaurants around the city and loved them.
So, when they asked me to make a video for them, I was more than thrilled.
I love juice & I love making art.
So making art for a juice company seemed pretty exciting.

From 13-15 May 2014, Good Juicery will be travelling around Mumbai in their orange Ambassador selling icy cold cans of sparkling juices to Mumbaikars in need.
Locations will be announced via Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Disclaimer: Good Juicery is a client. But that's not why I am promoting their juices. They are actually good.

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